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Why Partner With Giuliano and Jimena (Ex-Google) Instead Of Those "Other" Gurus and Agencies?

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We Use A Proven Process Designed for Service-Based, Info Products & E-Commerce Businesses Focused on Client Acquisition & Retention Strategies To Grow Revenue, Lower CAC, Boost Conversion, & Increase The Lifetime Value Of Your Overall Acquisition Efforts Holistically.

High-Converting Funnels & Hyper-Accurate Tracking

Before running any effort, we make sure you have a solid, robust, and high-converting funnel or landing page in place. And to know if your funnel and all related client acquisition and retention efforts are working, it's important to measure them first. We implement sophisticated tracking so we can map your entire customer's journey. Every clicks and purchase your customer makes is tracked, easy to view, and matched on profile.

Nurture Leads And Close Sales with Solid Email Marketing Flows and Automations

Every prospect and user that lands on your funnel won't convert immediately. The reason why having accurate, personalized, and data-driven email marketing strategies in place is vital to success. In fact, businesses that use segmented email marketing campaigns noted a 760% increase in revenue. Email marketing efforts help businesses turn leads into customers, lower their Cost Per Acquired Customer, and increase clients' overall AOV, purchase rate, and profits.

Fill Your Business With Quality Leads & Potential Clients

Fresh quality leads and prospects are the lifeblood of any business. Our marketing strategy is focused on tailored prospecting strategies to have solid upper-funnel tactics in place. We will implement client acquisition strategies across different channels and platforms to convert prospects into clients. Prospecting & Remarketing efforts are vital to obtaining successful results and profitability in the short, mid, and long term.

Retention & Life-Time Value: Strategies to lower your CAC, increase your ROAS and Profits

We won't just focus on filling your business with quality leads but also on making those leads convert into customers and recurrent clients as well. We will focus on different types of strategies focused on obtaining a higher Life Time Value. High CLV is an indicator of brand loyalty, product-market fit, recurring revenue from existing customers. It provides a picture of a business's long-term financial viability. We will implement upper-funnel, middle-funnel, and lower-funnel strategies across different channels and platforms, focusing on your business's long-term success.



Tailored To Every Business Need

Omnichannel Advertising

We've successfully managed +100 millions of dollars in advertising spend across a variety of verticals for different businesses such as information product, service-based, lead-gen and e-commerce businesses. We have more than 20 years of experience combined managing Google Ads (Search, YouTube, and Display), Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, TikTok Ads, Twitter Ads, and Pinterest Ads among many other platforms such as Programmatic Adversiting efforts.

Marketing Attribution Tracking

As part of your service agreement you get access to exclusive and sophisticated attribution tools used by some of the world's biggest brands! We will fully implement and track every campaign, client acquisition and retention efforts among different channels so you can finally have accurate insights to grow your business. Nowadays, most people are exposed to around 4,000 to 10,000 ads each day. The reason why, measure every touch point in the customer journey is vital to obtain positive returns and allocate times and efforts in those channels that are bringing most of your revenue and profits.

Conversion Rate Optimization

If a funnel or landing page takes more than 3 seconds to load, 50% of your prospects will leave. That's why having a high-converting and optimize funnel is crucial to succed. We can build your pages and handle of the tech or simply optimize existing funnels. Our design and copywriting approach is proven to convert and will compliment your existing website without disrupting anything you are already doing.We offer a 360 approach. We won't run ads, organic acquisition effots or email marketing campaigns if your landing page is not fully optimized. Our main focus is to lower your CAC, grow your revenue, increase your profits, client's AOV, and LTV.

Lead Nurturing Campaigns

Apart from our solid expertise and track record implementing Ecommerce campaigns profitably and succesfully, we have more than 20 years of experience running lead generation campaigns across different channels and platforms. We use your existing marketing tech stack setup or provide a CRM (contact relationship management) software to implement nurture sequences across email, SMS text, FB Messenger, and more!



Constructing the Base of the Pyramid

After working with thousands of companies across almost every industry or niche you can think of, we’ve discovered a system for creating an increase in revenues and profits. We start from the fundamentals so your business can thrive since day one.


Building & Assembling Solid Bricks

After implementing solid bases or fixing your current ones, our next step is to make it a scalable, regular, and recurring part of your business in an automated way so that you can focus on what really matters: making your business mission and vision a reality.


Optimize, Scale and Repeat.

At this point, we will focus on maximizing and optimizing every effort that is bringing positive ROI to your business. We will only scale the tactics that are bringing more qualified leads, more sales, and mainly more profits for your business. We will track every effort, understand and analyze the entire customer journey and allocate budgets and time to those that bring positive ROIs for your company.


Meet Your Growth Marketing Partners!

Giuliano casco (Ex-google)

I am an Entrepreneur, Business Consultant and Speaker. I help established businesses to scale their ventures online in a strategic way with positive ROI. I am an entrepreneurial technology, marketing and sales leader with a proven ability to take businesses to the next level.

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jimena viñas (Ex-google)

I am a dynamic Entrepreneur, Business Consultant and Speaker. I mentor and help entrepreneurs, early-stage companies, small, medium and Fortune 500 businesses to launch and scale their online ventures profitably and sustainably.

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Some Companies We Have Helped Scale...

Eli Lilly
Johnson & Johnson


Before working with Jimena and Giuliano, spent over 1M dollars in ad spend, and worked with more than 5 agencies, my conversion rate was 0.5%, I was not getting qualified leads, my business was almost bankrupt. I was firing people during Christmas season. One month later my conversion rate was 8.5%, qualified leads were coming in, prospects that converted into business was fully running again.

Gaby I.

FinTech Company CEO

I made the best decision in the world to scale my business with Giuliano & Jimena. If I go back in time, I would ask the universe again for that message from you to reach me, to connect to that call, to be able to stand where I am today. I would repeat a million times, that's why I recommended them a lot. If someone wants to scale their business, it is with you. Yes, Yes and more Yes! You can guarantee success with both Jimena and Giuliano.

Monica B.

Life Coach

I am so glad to work with you guys. I have a clear path now, and I am very happy with everything that has been achieved. I have a profitable and sustainable business running, quality leads coming in, and a positive ROI."

William M.

Founder & Consultant

Before working with Jimena and Giuliano I was running ads, but my funnel was not optimized at all. I learned so much about my business, all the things I was told to do, and I was doing it so badly even I thought I was doing the right thing working with other marketing people. I have a full functioning funnel now, a solid email marketing strategy in place, I know what channels bring me more ROI, and how many prospects turn into clients. I have clarity now, and that is key to achieve positive business results".

Daniel G.

Founder, Personal Trainer & Fitness Course Creator

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Why do I need to apply?
Unfortunately, we can only focus on the companies we think we can help and guarantee better results. We take the risk and offer a guarantee where clients don't pay if we don't increase their revenues. If you schedule a strategy session, we will go over your business, ask some questions and let you know if we are a good fit for each other. We are fully transparent here.
What are your areas of expertise?
E-commerce (DTC), Lead-Generation (service based businesses) and Info Product businesses.

Where are we?

Even though our firm is based in Boston, Massachusetts, we have a global approach towards helping startups, small, medium, and large ventures scale.

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